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t-shirt idea

2015-02-24 19:32:12 by cozmofish

rewatched watership down and i really wanted to draw the black rabbit. i think this would be a pretty badass t-shirt.4976217_142482430731_Untitled-2.jpg

pencils from today

2014-10-22 13:52:01 by cozmofish

sorry about the lo-res pictures! it's just a bird, a couple of dudes, and a lazy drawing of godzilla.

sketching a whale farting

2014-10-15 22:48:50 by cozmofish


*edit* i'll fix the page thing.... another day. maybe i'll let this just stay a sketch hahahh4976217_141342820452_sketching01-02.jpg

disko skullz

2014-10-06 22:39:00 by cozmofish

i have so many disco ball necklaces. you can't just buy a few... you have to buy a huge pack. 4976217_141264940483_hellofwends.jpg

sketch for inktober

2014-10-06 06:29:10 by cozmofish

i need to buy a new sketch book. this was the only blank spot i could find. 4976217_141259134591_photo1.JPG

no time to draw this week

2014-09-21 06:40:14 by cozmofish

spent a lot of time yesterday script writing. i think pretty soon i should have enough to put together a short story. here is a thing i made from random layers.4976217_141129600711_sketching01-02.jpg


2014-09-14 09:19:08 by cozmofish

about to go to sleep sketches4976217_141070073013_sketching03-02.jpg


2014-09-14 02:15:06 by cozmofish

Earth wizard in training..  4976217_141067489442_sketching01-01.jpg4976217_141096936022_sketching04-06.jpg

Drew the cast from Lupin III

2014-09-11 00:06:18 by cozmofish


sketches from today

2014-09-04 00:08:43 by cozmofish

ancient chinese proverb - wise words to one man is total horse shit to another4976217_140980677011_sketching01-02.jpg4976217_140980326642_sketching04-01.jpg4976217_140980349871_mr.tumbles.jpgthe last drawing is of mr.tumbles. which, if you couldn't guess it, is a cat with a top-hat, yarn ball cane, and monocle.