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sketches from today

2014-09-04 00:08:43 by cozmofish

ancient chinese proverb - wise words to one man is total horse shit to another4976217_140980677011_sketching01-02.jpg4976217_140980326642_sketching04-01.jpg4976217_140980349871_mr.tumbles.jpgthe last drawing is of mr.tumbles. which, if you couldn't guess it, is a cat with a top-hat, yarn ball cane, and monocle.


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2014-09-04 03:06:01

How long have you been at drawing, seems like you built up a quite a few styles!

cozmofish responds:

i've been drawing (off and on) for about 7 years now? i think? there have been huge gaps during those 7 years.. i've been trying to actively improve for the past 2 years.

oh and thanks! experimenting is probably my favorite part of making art.