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ping pong

2014-09-02 02:16:48 by cozmofish

if i start doing the line work for this now, then i will never get to sleep. *edit* i uploaded the full sketch4976217_140979496252_sketching05-01.jpg

she's got ice hockey hair

2014-09-01 04:22:18 by cozmofish

It's instamatic and it has such flair

i always think of this character when i hear this song by the sfa. i'm just now getting to the point where i can get it out of my head and on to paper. 

*edit* it took me four tries to remember to upload a picture with this post... i'm so dumb haha4976217_140956000363_sketching01-02.jpg


2014-08-31 06:39:28 by cozmofish

yesterday i started and finished a bunch of drawings. today i did fuck all4976217_140948155873_sketching02-01.jpg

crane's night at freddy's

2014-08-30 03:26:32 by cozmofish

just played five nights at freddy's and all i want to draw are the insides of old animatronic animals.4976217_140938358381_sketching01-02.jpg

new technique

2014-08-29 20:22:42 by cozmofish

i'm trying to work on some characters that might be different from the stuff i normally draw. one way to do that is to try new styles out to see what you can come up with. this particular style is done by drawing anything, next you splice it up, then mirror it and merge everything together. 

this is the only one i have saved, because i lost a lot of drawing today when my computer crashed. i'll learn one day... this is the first attempt i had at this method. if i can recover any of the corrupted files i'll post them as well.4976217_140935815211_sketching02-06.jpg

bioshock inked

2014-08-25 01:28:28 by cozmofish

bioshock fan art inked. manga studio 4 isn't the best for color  (from my experience) but i'm going to try and color this. if it looks bad then i'll just go back to this and add highlights to the glass, and leave the rest of it in black and white.4976217_140895475693_sketching05-06.jpg if anyone has any tips for doing underwater lighting or the way i should approach coloring this, i'm open to suggestions. 


2014-08-18 22:24:16 by cozmofish

tried pushing myself out of my comfort zone a bit.. now for color and ink.4976217_140841614751_sketching05-02.jpg

trying to visualize

2014-08-18 18:53:09 by cozmofish

i haven't written anything in a long time. writing a story has been much easier since i started sketching out the scene to visualize what is really happening. i'm lucky that i have friends who don't mind reading over what i'm writing and making sure i don't make a complete ass of myself. 4976217_140840238223_sketching03-01.jpg


2014-08-14 04:40:58 by cozmofish

so i drew st. louis county police chief jon belmar and ferguson police chief thomas jackson belmar4976217_140800558913_villainsandvillains.jpg

cartoon forests

2014-08-12 03:41:46 by cozmofish