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just a start, birds have awesome skeletons. 4976217_140782089753_birds.jpg

filling in silhouettes

2014-08-12 01:19:57 by cozmofish

as i was drawing the wings for the character on the left i realized i'd never made an honest effort at drawing bird anatomy. 4976217_140782077712_sketching01-01.jpg

warm up

2014-08-06 03:06:51 by cozmofish

i realized that i'm only posting sketches, and i probably need to post more finished work. so, i was started on some new work to put on newgrounds. about 5 hours into the project i got tired of listening to youtube playlists and put on my itunes. i forgot for an instant that itunes plus mangastudio always crashes my laptop. there went my fucking night. the worst part is i know better it litterally happens every single time i have the two programs open.. anyway here is what i did save, my warm up. save early and save often 4976217_140730880033_dogs.jpg

working on anatomy today

2014-08-04 02:43:21 by cozmofish

the grind. 4976217_140713244771_sketching01-01.jpg

learning the ropes

2014-08-04 02:04:51 by cozmofish

these are some sketches of my characters mixed in with random shit. mostly this is all palette practice that i've done in the past few days.4976217_140713208423_gofuckyerself.jpg4976217_140713221471_sketching02-02.jpg4976217_140713190031_idk.jpg

i was trying to draw reuniclus from memory, and well... i failed so hard hahaha. he sort of looks like a derpier kerby hahah. but i do really like the way the other characters turned out.4976217_140713164183_sketching01-04.jpg